A Satellite of the Worldwide 'Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project'
created by Margaret & Christine Wertheim of
The Institute For Figuring, Los Angeles.

30 March 2010

IMG_2778 cropped
We all had a wonderful time last Saturday with Wendy Roberts from Reef Watch/Melbourne Museum. Thank you Wendy, your input was wonderful, there have been many inspired conversations and ideas that your presentation has generated. As well as great images, Wendy also brought us some sponge samples to have a look at. Nature really is incredible with the variety of colours, shapes & textures, the more you look the more you find! One of the highlights was an image taken under a microscope showing the cell structure - you could hear oooh's all around the room as it look just like a piece of crochet. More food for thought.
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Wendy explaining the significance of Victoria's marine environment.

IMG_8227Here Wendy shows us a fantastic new publication on what lives in Port Phillip Bay. Stunning photography and brilliantly put together showing where to find what. Enquiries:    http://www.beneathourbay.com.au/